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The Millionaire Fastlane, a book by MJ DeMarco

July 4, 2016

I want to write a few lines about this book which overnight has become one of the top 5 business books for me. It stands out, it really does! It even beats “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”! And you know why?

First and foremost, that’s because the author was there, talked the talk and walked the walk. He built his wealth first, and then preached what worked for him in the book. That is really authentic and genuine. He didn’t earn his millions selling books, seminars, etc.

Second, DeMarco reveals so clearly the flaws of the traditional financial gurus’ agenda. He demonstrates with data how it is almost impossible to reach “golden years” having substantial even sufficient funds to finance the lifestyle one would like to have after working 30-40 years. It simply doesn’t work if one follows the conventional financial advice investing in stocks, bonds, etc. while having a normal job (not a top level corporate executive or a famous athlete, or an entertainer). These are instruments to preserve the wealth, not to gain it. It is a game for already rich people.